Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Fight For Life

Until earlier this year, I had a very different world view than what I had today.  I believed that a woman had the right to chose to do what she wished with her body, including abortion.  I felt that me, being a man, had no place telling anyone else what they could and could not do.  I said it's not a choice I'll ever have to make, so I turned a blind eye toward it, even though I knew it was wrong.  And I always knew it was wrong.

It took losing someone very close to me by her own hand to make me realize that life is a precious gift from God, and we absolutely must not forsake it.  Shortly thereafter, I had my moment of revelation and decided to finally give my life to the Lord.  What could have pushed me away from God only served to bring me closer to Him.

Since then, fighting for the preservation of life - especially the unborn - has become my mission.  As our nation races toward a health care bill that the majority of us don't even want, we're facing a moral quagmire.  As it stands, the health care bill would provide at least SOME level of funding for abortion.  I can't let this rest.  I will not stand idly by and let my tax dollars fund murder. 

If you value life, please visit write your congressional representatives and senators and tell them the current wording of the proposed health care bill is unacceptable.  The USCCB has a convenient form for you to do so.  It only takes a few minutes, and time is running out.

A person is a person, no matter how small, and here's proof.

Good night, and God bless. 

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