Sunday, March 28, 2010

First confession follow-up

I went to confession yesterday, and it really want's that bad.  I found that I wasn't all that nervous,, but it was more like a feeling of intense anticipation that I really can't describe.  I went during regular hours, and made the offer to everyone that came in after me to get in front of me, since it was my first time and I might take a while.  One nice lady in her 60s said to take my time - she had converted when she was 19, and remembered the anxiety she had over her first confession, and that she'd be praying for me. 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

First confession

Today comes a moment I've been simultaneously looking forward and dreading.  I'm making my first confession this morning.  Being a convert, I have to confess all my mortal sins going back to the age of reason (around 7 or 8).  I just turned 31 yesterday, and have been a heathen the vast majority of my life.  Soooo, that's a lot of sin to confess.