Saturday, February 13, 2010

Counting the days, counting my blessings

2010 is going to be a truly landmark year for me.  I'm getting married in June.  I'm going to be confirmed and come into communion with the Church at Easter.  It's amazing how those two things are so similar.
I absolutely can't wait to do either.  I know that the Lord meant for me to meet my future bride, Sharon.  She's a great girl with a nearly limitless supply of love and patience.  She helps temper my heart and make me, too, try to be a more patient and understanding person.  And she helped me to finally form a true, loving relationship with Jesus Christ, and make a sincere effort to understand Him, which has led me to where I am today.

Joining the Church is very much like marriage for me.  I'm making a pledge to Christ to be a part of his body, and to help share His word, not just by my words, but by my actions.  That's always been my problem with so many Christian sects - I don't believe the "by faith alone" doctrines.  It's very selfish to take only Jesus's sacrifice on the cross, and ignore everything else He did and said during His time among us.  Jesus shouldn't be just our Savior, or just a deity to us - He should be someone we truly admire, and pattern our lives after His teachings.

The Gospel is more than just the life story of Christ - it should be a life story for us all.  Helping the poor and the sick, loving everyone, praying for those who hate us.  That's what we should all aspire to be.  Being like Jesus Christ is a very high mark that we're all going to miss - but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try!

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